Our Story

Cultural heritage and history of a family has a very high value and is integral to defining people’s identity and link between generations.

Warisan 1953 is a traditional wooden house in Batu Pahat. The high-rise wooden house was built in 1953 by Kerk Swee Ann, our late Grandfather. However, the house began to be neglected for 50 years. In 2019, Mr.Tony Kher, the second elder son of late grandfather Kerk Swee Ann, decided to save and preserve the house as a private initiative. The restoration and construction took 1 year to complete.

This building will help community to appreciate and understand the history of ancestors. The house is not only a private residence, it will also be developed as a museum cum exhibition hall offering visitors a glimpse into history and culture.
Museum of Art and Cultural History
In the past 5 years we have been dedicated to art learning and art exhibiting to grow the art community. We offer professional guidance to art lovers to learn, and help artist to exhibit around our creative city. The space offers several art workshops including Batik, Pottery, Fiber Art, Oil painting and etc.