“Dear Parents, You Can Make A Difference”

With all the competitions in our region and across the country, we forgot about the purpose of Art Education for Children.
“Does template kills creativity?”
Yes. A kid will learn how to follow, an adult will learn how to copy, and less will learn how to Be Different & to Think Independently.
As I learn a lot children like colouring books, I realise why. Colouring has become a Fashion because it is easy to start with. What is your style?
 “Do you think competition will kill creativity?”
My answer is “Choose the RIGHT competition.” Competition kills creativity if it’s a destructive one & have been stealing a lot of joy from the children. Our current system is killing creativity and critical thinking because kids do not have opportunity to own the ideas.
Instead of focusing in competing with your Rival, starts believing that you are going to break your previous record. You are your own competitor.
Do it just right is important than too much competitiveness. Enjoy the Art Journey and share the joy of making artwork and inspire people. Parents, You Can Make A Difference.
Artist / Art Instructor
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This blog dedicated to wonderful parents out there (including my parents).

Published by JoeyKher.co | Artist

Hi, I am Joey Kher, an artist who made Batik and installation Art.

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