Viana Academy of Art | 维也纳艺术学院



The VIANA Academy of Art is the new transition art space from “VIANA Music & Ballet Academy” and founded by Joey Kher, a lady who lives and breathes art. Joey’s passion is inspiring other people to create their own unique masterpieces. With this in mind, Joey has set about creating a business in Batu Pahat that will inspire young and adult. Art classes have been running since 2015 January in JYK Leather & Fabric Design Studio and schools and have proved popular.

The Viana Academy of Art is a vibrant, expanding centre for art lovers, both experienced and complete beginners. The company’s aim is to offer a variety of art techniques which will give you all the confidence you need for a successful and enjoyable art experience.

There are so many classes that we can provide, but we keep running out of space on the calendar…so, please call and request your preferences so we can set up a class!!!

Viana Academy of Art, as the name suggests, goes far beyond the liveliness of a club. Catering for students of all ages and abilities and are all presented in a fun way that applies directly to the pupil’s interests. We also have various teachers teaching special classes and workshops throughout the year.

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